Additional Rewards on CNCT

We believe the community is one of Cardano's greatest strengths. We have organized an event for our customers to strengthen our community and further increase interest in the CNCT token. In the event, you will receive rewards in CNCT based on the on-chain activities within your wallet.

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Coinecta is a next-generation Cardano-based token launch platform, striving to be the platform of choice for innovative blockchain projects.

How it works

Crowd-funding With Benefits

Rather than being backed by a few VCs, we believe blockchain projects should be funded by the community, and the community should profit from their successes. By investing in IDOs, you get in before the token is listed and receive preferential pricing as appreciation for your faith in the project.
1. Stake The Token

To participate, first you have to get the Coinecta Finance token and stake it to reach a staking tier. Your tier will represent your pool weight in IDOs.

2. Whitelist For IDOs

Keep an eye out for IDOs you like, and whitelist to invest. You will be approved for a specific number of tokens based on your staking tier weight.

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3. Contribute

You will receive whitelist tokens in your wallet and can use those to contribute to the project. Send ADA or DJED to the Vesting Contract to receive your vesting key which will unlock tokens over time

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4. Redeem

Each seed round will have a specific vesting period, depending on how deep the discount is. You can redeem your tokens as they unlock on the Redeem panel.

Who's It For

We connect investors and creators to fuel ecosystem growth and deliver innovative new dApps


We believe that when a team raises funds for their project, there should be a great deal of accountability to their community. We use smart contracts to help enforce transparency, honesty, and add rugpull resistance.

Vested tokens are locked on-chain and released based on the schedule set at the outset. All the details are outlined clearly, so that investors can make informed decisions.

Teams are encouraged to use their tokens for governance, and operate as a DAO when possible, to give the community an opportunity to vote on expendatures.

In addition, we will draw on our own experience to vet projects before approving them to IDO on Coinecta. We encourage teams to put together a roadmap that clearly outlines their goals and gives consideration to the amount of funds needed to achieve them.


We help secure funding to turn your aspirations into achievements. Our dedicated efforts ensure you receive the necessary resources to manifest your vision successfully.

We can offer consultation on project management and tokenomics design. Through our community connections, we can often help fill in the gaps in team structure.

If you have some experience building blockchain projects, and have an idea that is somewhat developed, we can help you get funding. If you already have taken some steps towards an MVP and have promoted the idea to your community, we are here to help you raise the necessary funds to turn your project into a complete product. Feel free to apply at any stage of development and we can go over the next steps.

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